Saturday, May 26, 2012

Welcome Glow N Go

I've got a few extra minutes today, so I thought I'd take a moment to welcome Chelsea with Glow N Go to the Creative Alliance family.  As my newest client, I'm designing a logo, website, business card, direct marketing pieces, and a full line of business forms and stationery for Chelsea with Glow N Go.  Glow N Go is a mobile airbrush spray tan company.  She offers a quality, high end mobile tanning experience complete with all the bells and whistles you'd expect from a business that prides itself on luxury, pampering and top notch customer service.  I can't wait to help Chelsea grow her new business!  Welcome Glow N Go!

Creative Alliance is a graphic design firm in the Lake Zurich area.  We service clients large and small and provide them with superior marketing and advertising.  Website design, logo design, brochures and business cards for businesses are just a few of the services that Creative Alliance offers.

Visit our website at or call 847-533-8403 for more information.


Wednesday, May 9, 2012

New logo design for Meg's Quilted Memories.  She designs tshirt quilts which is a great way to preserve memories!I'm also working on her website, which is still under construction, but can be found at
Creative Alliance is your one stop graphic designer for logos, custom designed business forms, business cards, advertisements, brochures, custom QR codes and websites.  We are located in Hawthorn Woods, just outside of Lake Zurich and are active members of the Wauconda Chamber of Commerce and the Hawthorn Woods Women's Club.  Check us out at, or email the owner, Julie, at, or just give us a call at 847-533-8403.

Sunday, April 29, 2012

Meg's Quilted Memories - Updated Logo

Marybeth - Here are some variations of the logo that you chose.
This is the original which you chose.

Same logo with color variations or red and a mix of colors for ‘quilted’.
Another color variation.  ‘M’ is a mix of yellows, oranges and purple.  Meg’s and Memories have the same purple.

Here’s a variation on ‘Quilted’ which is outlined is the burgundy with a light grey center.

Original logo with ‘3D’ M

Same logo with color variations.  Color scheme is red and black.

Color variation - Red and Orange.
Color Variation - Orange and Black

3D M and the letters are have a thin outline.  Meg’s and Memories is red with a black outline and Quilted is the reverse.

Monday, April 23, 2012

Logos for Meg's Quilted Memories!

This post is for Marybeth from Meg's Quilted Memories.  Here are logo choices...

Here are some TEXT logos.  
Although some do have some stitching/needle and thread, the focus is mainly on the text. 

Very trendy font right now.  Needle is the “i” and treads into “L”.

Variation of previous - “M” as needle and thread.

“L” as needle and thread.

Variation of the previous - swoosh represents thread.

Quilted font for “quilted” and stitching around logo.  (Ignore the stitching above “Meg’s”.  That is actually part of another logo.)

Here are logos with graphics. 

Tshirt logo.
Trendy women logo per your suggestion.

This logo was designed as a shirt label or tag.  It is hard to see when small, but there is stitching around the border.  (I made it a little bigger so that you could try to see the stitch marks.)

Another label/tag design.

Framing logos within fun shapes is a very trendy design right now.  Here are a few shapes that I came up with.

Fun frame with Quilted “stitched” to the frame.  Outlined with dots to symbolize a sewing pattern. (I made this one a little larger so you could see the font better.)

Puffy frame symbolizes a warmth and coziness of a quilt.

Symbolic representation of needle and thread through points and swirls of the frame.

Stitched frame outline.
Inside lines/swirls created to resemble thread. (Also made this one a little larger so you could see the detail.)

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Be Honest about your product

One aspect of branding is understanding how your customer thinks.  Knowing what’s difficult for the customer in the experience you provide is a must. If it’s a necessary evil, present it as evidence of what makes it worth the trouble.  For example, with web design, the many complex variables make it hard for clients to understand that a well optimized page my not have the look and feel they exactly wanted, but it will help with their visibility on search engines, like Google.  It is totally worth the trouble to learn a little bit about on off page optimizations and it is worth my trouble to try to explain it as simply as possible.  In the end we both benefit.  They understand the limitations of the design and I have helped brand myself as reliable, knowledgeable and trustworthy.  It's a win, win.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

A Lesson on Branding

To continue my blogging on branding and creating a corporate image, here's another useful tip.

When dealing with customers, or potential customers, involve them on their terms, not yours.  You need to put yourself in their shoes and really understand what they do, what they need to succeed and how they will benefit from your product.  Figure out what they do and do not understand about your product and show them the benefits.  You will soar above your competition when you start showcasing your benefits to them.

Creative Alliance Design in Lake Zurich helps companies create a corporate image.  We will create a brand for you and supply you with the marketing tools you need to be successful, attract and keep customers, and increase your profits.  Contact Creative Alliance to discover all that we offer our clients.  Visit Creative Alliance at  We are more than just a graphic design firm.  Feel free to email me, the owner, directly at

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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Company Branding is about your story not your product

I've been blogging about company branding and how important it is.  Here's another branding tip - The most important thing to figure out, and also the most difficult, is to determine what your story's about and how to communicate it.  Remember, it's not your product that you're branding, it's YOU! The product is what your company sells, but the brand is what your company is about. Communicate this effectively from the beginning and your story will unfold naturally for you and your customers.

If you need help communicating your story and turning it into something that can brand your company, contact Creative Alliance Design in Lake Zurich.  We'll take your story and create some unique marketing pieces that your can use over different platforms for many years to come.  Creative Alliance has helped many businesses brand themselves properly and effectively.  Join our team of successes.

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

branding 101 with Creative Alliance Design in Lake Zurich

Branding - designing the experience before the experience. 

Branding is what your logo, marketing, sales, products and ads say about you as a company.  It is not your product that is branded it is your company as a whole. 

Branding is not about convincing your target market to choose you over your competition.  It is about showing your prospective customers that you are the only company that can do the job they need.  You are the answer to their problem.

To make branding effective your main priority should be to understand the needs and wants of your current customers and your prospective clients.  At every point of public contact you should be analyzing their needs and adjusting your marketing accordingly.  Your branding will then turn into your promise to your customer.  It will be as invaluable to them as it is to you.  

One thing to start considering is analyzing the content of your website. Could you get rid of the 'about us' section of your website and still have your viewers/readers understand your story? If not, make changes and get your branding up to par. Potential customers will make their 1st impression of you within 10 seconds. Make it a good one.

To get your branding off to a good start, employ a good graphic designer or marketing firm to help you create your image.  Creative Alliance takes pride in helping businesses do just this.  Branding is made easy with the experience of Creative Alliance Design in Lake Zurich.  Check us out on the web at or on facebook.  

Monday, January 30, 2012

Valentine's Day Cards by Creative Alliance

These cards are adorable! These Valetine's Day cards come in sets of 20 and are just $1/card.  They are perfect Valentine's Day cards to hand out at school and to friends and family.  Just email me a photo, we'll pick a template and I'll have them sent directly to you.  Kids are so excited to hand out their personalized Valentines...way better than the store bought super hero cards that everyone gets. Contact me at creative alliance design or email me at for more information to place an order. Thanks!
Here are few examples:

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Custom Valentine's Day Cards by Creative Alliance

Quick!  There's still time to order custom Valentine's Day cards.  Kids love to pass out Valentine's Day Cards to their friends and classmates.  Let them feel extra special by having a custom card with their picture on the card!  I have lots of templates to choose from.  A pack of 20 is just $20.  That includes shipping right to your front door!  Choose a custom greeting and send me a picture of your little one and I'll do the rest.  You'll get  a proof in your inbox within 48 hours.  You can pick a design template from my webpage at, or email me at

These are just so cute.  Everyone will want to know where you got them.  Every year I make the ones for my kids I get tons of compliments.  You'll be glad you took the time to order these as they will be a keepsake.


Thursday, January 26, 2012

Creative Alliance Design: claiming your listings!

Creative Alliance Design: claiming your listings!

claiming your listings!

Have you claimed all your free business listings online yet? What a PITA this is.  It is so time consuming, but well worth it.  The more you can claim the better your web presence will be.  Google yourself, then your competition. Make sure all the listings that pop up for you, you've claimed.  Then make sure all the listings that your competition has, you also have.  If you don't claim it or create one.  They are usually free, so what have you got to lose?

For more marketing tips and tidbits, visit me at

Thanks for reading.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

iphone 4/4s custom cases on sale NOW!

Get one of these custom designed iphone 4/4s cases NOW, before the sale is over!  Theses super durable cases have a back that I can customize with your logo, favorite picture, QR code, or whatever you like.  These are black, white or clear with edge protection.  They are printed on white gloss, silver matte or gold finishes. FABULOUS! The iphone 4/4s custom case in on sale only until January 30, 2012.  Custom iphone 4/4s cases now only $20, that's 50% off!
Contact me for ordering details at
Check out my website for other awesome offers and products. 

Thursday, January 5, 2012

web design trends for 2012

I've been doing my research on how to stay current with web design.  There are lots of fun trends for 2012 and here are my favorite.
Bold attention grabbing designs will always be around. The focus is still on aesthetics but functionality is also crucial. 
On an average, a web user spends about 10 second on the page. So the message should be conveyed instantaneously making an impact as soon as the page is viewed.

1. Colors

Bright hues of red, pink and green are being used on the web instead of neutrals. Saturated rainbow hues that captivate interest are a must. However, use only 2-3 colors and be consistent with branding.

2. Typography

Custom fonts can be put together using CSS Typeset, Typetester, WhatTheFont and other tools. Bigger font size textured fonts with depth, 3D effect, gradients, transparency and shadows are hip.

3. Photos and backgrounds

To grab user attention, large sized photos and backgrounds are used. Images and icons are substantial in size. The page should look rich with animation just like a movie or video game. 

Come see what all we have to offer at