Sunday, April 29, 2012

Meg's Quilted Memories - Updated Logo

Marybeth - Here are some variations of the logo that you chose.
This is the original which you chose.

Same logo with color variations or red and a mix of colors for ‘quilted’.
Another color variation.  ‘M’ is a mix of yellows, oranges and purple.  Meg’s and Memories have the same purple.

Here’s a variation on ‘Quilted’ which is outlined is the burgundy with a light grey center.

Original logo with ‘3D’ M

Same logo with color variations.  Color scheme is red and black.

Color variation - Red and Orange.
Color Variation - Orange and Black

3D M and the letters are have a thin outline.  Meg’s and Memories is red with a black outline and Quilted is the reverse.

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