Monday, April 23, 2012

Logos for Meg's Quilted Memories!

This post is for Marybeth from Meg's Quilted Memories.  Here are logo choices...

Here are some TEXT logos.  
Although some do have some stitching/needle and thread, the focus is mainly on the text. 

Very trendy font right now.  Needle is the “i” and treads into “L”.

Variation of previous - “M” as needle and thread.

“L” as needle and thread.

Variation of the previous - swoosh represents thread.

Quilted font for “quilted” and stitching around logo.  (Ignore the stitching above “Meg’s”.  That is actually part of another logo.)

Here are logos with graphics. 

Tshirt logo.
Trendy women logo per your suggestion.

This logo was designed as a shirt label or tag.  It is hard to see when small, but there is stitching around the border.  (I made it a little bigger so that you could try to see the stitch marks.)

Another label/tag design.

Framing logos within fun shapes is a very trendy design right now.  Here are a few shapes that I came up with.

Fun frame with Quilted “stitched” to the frame.  Outlined with dots to symbolize a sewing pattern. (I made this one a little larger so you could see the font better.)

Puffy frame symbolizes a warmth and coziness of a quilt.

Symbolic representation of needle and thread through points and swirls of the frame.

Stitched frame outline.
Inside lines/swirls created to resemble thread. (Also made this one a little larger so you could see the detail.)

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