Wednesday, February 20, 2013

LinkedIn Tips

Linkedin’s Q&A section is wonderful to start marketing.  Now I will say right away… DON”T SELL!  The goal for the Q&A is to help people answer their questions and to provide support.  So how’s this marketing you ask?  Well, by definition marketing is to promote your business right?  Well, you can promote your business by promoting your knowledge and expertise.  And what’s a better way to promote your expertise than helping people answer their questions!  Linkedin is full of professionals looking for help, you can be niche specific.  So how do you market on Q&A?  To start…
1. Look for questions that you can answer, something that is in your avenue.  Try to look for questions that don’t have as many answers too.   Now, when you find a question, you want to have a certain ‘feel’ to your answer.  Listed are steps when answering a question:
  • Don’t sell!
  • List or number steps
  • Get straight to the point
  • Right a lot of content, but not a whole book
  • Provide resources
  • Don’t just write a paragraph.  Make sure you have lists, and formatting.
I can’t stress enough, you don’t want to sell.  Just kindly offer your help or note a product that could further answer their question.
2. After you answer a question, make sure you follow up with a nice message.  Just say something like “Hi _______, I answered your question about ______.  I hope I could help in some way.  If you ever need more help with this, please feel free to let me know or go to my website ____________.  Thank you!”
3. If a Linkedin user does not respond to the message, be sure to follow up in 2 weeks.  Follow up with a reference to the question they had asked 2 weeks ago.  Treat them as a lead, offer help or something that will benefit them.
If you do that, you’ll have more traffic to your website, as well as help generate more leads.